Dave Looney is a certified Flight Instructor based out of McCall, Idaho. He grew up nearby in Ontario, OR, went through college at the University of Portland for Electrical Engineering, then into the Air Force.  He graduated from Undergraduate Pilot Training for the Air Force in 1992, and was hired by the 304th Rescue Squadron in Portland, Oregon and cross-trained to helicopters.  He flew the HH60 Pavehawk there for just a year before being hired away to Alaska by the 210th Rescue Squadron and spent the next twenty years based in Anchorage.  He has deployed to overseas combat zones nine times, and amassed a series of flying credentials including a multi-engine Airline Transport license, Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) for single engine land (and sea) aircraft, and a CFI Instrument license for rotorcraft.  He has flown his M-7 and Cessna 182/180s for the Iditarod Air Force for the last 6 years.

After retiring from the Air Force, Dave moved back home to McCall to spend time with his family and enjoy skiing.  His primary employment is with Siller Helicopters, fighting fire with the S-64E Skycrane in the summer. His total time over 6700 hours in all types of aircraft.

Contact us at dvlooney@gmail.com or info@loonaviation.com